As seen everywhere on the Internet, Toronto-based photographer Thomas Dagg is kind of a nerd. He’s been featured on countless blogs, magazines, newspapers and TV shows for his longtime infatuation with whimsy and nostalgia, which of late has lead to an extremely technical composite photo series juxtaposing his childhood star wars toys with day-to-day urban scenery in timeless black and white. The visual mashup has delighted fanboys around the world with its sublime geekery, but the series is only the tip of the spear for his visual verve. His objective work reveals soul piercing and thematically embellished portraiture layered with emotion. Thomas dives into his subjects as though he has creative license to both befriend and expose them. His unquenchable thirst for new subject matter and techniques has pushed his work in ever-changing directions and charms fellow enthusiasts into playful co-conspirators.