Regina Garcia began her romance with photography at the early age of fourteen when her father, an amateur though passionate shooter, gave her her first camera. Under his tutelage and a keen eye for capturing beauty, Regina was surrounded by interesting and profound imagery early in life. During her teenage years, Regina relentlessly took pictures of her younger brother and their friends. She loved to walk up to strangers she was intrigued by and ask to take their picture. She thought of her camera as a sort of all access pass into new and interesting lives. Upon completing her degree in photography at Alberta College of Art and design, the talented and ambitious young photographer, determined to be counted among the best and most competitive within her field, left Calgary for Toronto, where she has called home since 1999. Since relocating, Regina has focused her craft on commercial photography with a particular niche in lifestyle, portraiture and landscape. Her client list includes such notables as, Canadian Tire, McDonald's, All Bran, Catelli and Harlequin. To Regina, photography is about capturing spontaneous intermittent moments and natural expression. She sees the beauty and the light heartedness there. Her images are playful, energetic and inviting. She is equally inspired by her travels, the fine art world and her love of life’s simple pleasures and the inner beauty of her subjects. Garcia conveys a unique vision, uncompromising dedication and a distinct style with her craft.