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Bio | Philip Jarmain

Transitioning seamlessly from reality to double-take, Philip’s conceptual visuals pull no punches. An image creator with a flare for dramatic stories, Philip’s photographs set the scene at a single glance, each one an imaginative narrative artwork painted with brushstrokes of texture, sharp contrast and meticulous craft. And as a craftsperson, Philip has spent his whole life honing his ability to make things of value - the outcome has been beautifully manufactured moments in print and motion for the likes of Children of the Street Society, Anna Kosturova, as well as high profile print campaigns for Volkswagen, Lotto 649, Tim Hortons and Shan Gri La Resorts. Philip has also garnered some of the industry's most prestigious awards and accolades including Luerzers Archive Top 200 Photographers and most recently, a Communications Arts nod for his arresting series: American Beauty - The Opulent Pre-Depression Architecture of Detroit which stunningly - and heartbreakingly - captures the city’s urban decline in gritty-gorgeous detail.