It’s not that unusual to look for Peter Schafrick and find him ankle-deep in a swirling concoction of paint, milk, oil or other unidentified flying liquid. If you can soak it, pour it or splotch it, Peter has shot it. He’s fluid in the art of capturing the improbably perfect interplays of light, colour and the perfect splash or still life. His portfolio is full of fluid in mid-motion, and still life imagery where the pulse is in the details. The clean, modern sensibility inherent in his style is thrumming with exciting, moving energy – so much so that you’ll believe a purse, the curve of a sleek car or a glob of paint could theoretically have a heartbeat. Peter has followed his love for detail from stills to motion, his integrated studio of producers, retouchers and digital technicians assisting in providing the backdrops for print, television, dynamic billboards and online work for clients including the likes of Red Bull, Nike and Dove. When he isn’t shooting throughout North America and Europe, work flows into family time at home with his wife and two children.