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Bio | Kerry Shaw

Kerry Shaw is a Photographer + Director + Photo Illustrator based out of San Clemente, California and Toronto.

Her commercial work has been celebrated in Applied Arts, Graphis, ADCC’s and Communication Arts. Kerry is known for making even serious people laugh. Often called ‘the baby whisperer,” she specializes in shooting real people, kids, babies, animals and out-of-this-world landscapes and waterscapes. She is also an award-winning photo illustrator. Her classical art background brings an enrichment to the commercial world of image-making. With a background in dance, her work shares a passion for movement, choreographed details and subtleties in character using clean and vibrant colors. Some of her favorite commercial clients include: Nike, Apple, Las Vegas, Cuba tourism, Johnson & Johnson, Wonderbra, Manulife, Plan International and Ford Motors.

 Outside of shooting and illustrating, she’ll often be found near water; surfing, canoeing and enjoying all things powered and handmade by nature.