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Bio | Dan Bannister

If you ask him, Dan Bannister can show you the photos he took of his grade school classmates that gave rise to a lifelong pursuit. After landing his first gig shooting travel features, Dan and his camera circumnavigated the globe and his work is fittingly shaped by an explorer’s spirit. His portraits especially reveal an appreciation for life’s stories and experiences, and Dan’s innate skill in seeming to effortlessly capture the total delight of playful, perfect moments. But make no mistake; Dan believes that perfection requires thoughtful effort and so do his precisely-crafted-yet-candid images. But that suits Dan’s personality, he’s the type of guy who ties his own flies before he fishes and who’d rather climb the mountain than stand in a lift line. AMC, Rogers, the New York Times, Prada, Sport Chek and Canadian Living are just a few of the clients Dan has worked with.