Thomas Dagg Gambles Responsibly

This summer we were approached by lg2 to execute a creative for their client, Responsible Gambling. With the composite work this project entailed, Thomas Dagg was the perfect photographer to tackle this job. 

The concept was to create a portrait that had some parts of the person’s face scratched away - like that of a scratch and win card. The scratched away parts would reveal a sad, depressed expression from the same subject. 

Have a look at some of the close up’s of the final shots. They truly showcase Thomas’s attention to detail! He and the team developed custom scratch cards from his images to develop the assets for the final composities. The elements you see in the detail shots below are the real deal that Thomas digitized and used to create the masks, the depth of the scratches, and the dust. 

Photographer: Thomas Dagg

Tech: Ed Kowal

Assistant: Iago McEvenue & Isa Ransome

Wardrobe: Maeve McKee

H&MUA: Caroline Levin

Executive Producer: Pam Hamilton

Producer: Aarin MacKay

PA: Lauren Wheeler

Agency: Lg2

Executive CD: Chris Hirsch & Nellie Kim

Writer: Ariel Riske

Art Director: Dylan Sivestro

Agency Producer: Andrea Wong