Kerry Shaw - Artifacts of Alchemy - A Continuous Instagram Gallery

Over the last 5 or so years, Kerry Shaw has been developing an illustrative style that is a bit of a departure from her usual commercial and past art photography. It's EVERYTHING ON BLACK and the process of intertwining and painting elements together that has become a favorite process for Kerry, a mental canvas so to speak. Recently, Kerry released a very large, fine art edition print series called "Artifacts of Alchemy".  These prints showed the very first application of this style. Later, Kerry decided to publish that same work as a grid turned single image on Instagram. Now what has evolved is a grand weave of single images that flow into one vast image as Kerry continues to add on imagery to this original grid on Instagram. She has essentially created a continuous gallery of follow up images that will continue to be created as time goes by. Follow Kerry and her fusion of art and social media on Instagram at: @foundinvoids  Here it is: