Hasnain Dattu Captures Hauntingly Beautiful Portraits of Holocaust Survivors

These portraits by Hasnain Dattu were commissioned by March of Life; A Holocaust Remembrance Foundation that advocates for diversity and inclusivity as a means of education. 

The March of Life stands for: Remembering; working through the past, giving survivors of the Holocaust a voice. Reconciliation; healing and restoration between descendants of the victims and perpetrators, and taking a stand against modern anti-semitism (marchoflife.org).

The images that Hasnain captured are hauntingly beautiful. In addition to taking their portrait,  he kindly asked each subject to write a note that he could share with his 7 year old daughter to better help her understand what the victims went through during the Holocaust. 

In light of recent events, these images and letters remind victims that they do have a voice and that the world is listening.